Structural  Design


Structural design is typically provided by a licensed Professional Engineer, P.E. specializing in structural work.   This consultant provides a complete structural analysis of the project and generates a set of stamped and signed structural calculations for the work.   He also is responsible for all of the structural connections and detailing.

My role is to coordinate his work with all the other systems within the project, such as plumbing and electrical features.   I will typically generate all of the building sections and structural connection details for the engineer's review.   I have been working with the same engineer since 1982 and have developed a solid understanding of his specific structural design practices and techniques.

By comparison, an architect working alone cannot bring the same knowledge, experience and capability to the project.   An architect simply does not have the same level of training or experience as the Structural Engineer .

By working with the structural consultant in this way, the property owner is provided with a high level of structural analysis and expertise at a cost which is typically below that of a architect working alone.    This is a critical advantage when working with existing buildings and proposed 2nd story additions.    Finding the most efficient cost effective design solution for these type of additions is key to our success.